Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tropical Roofing Products Launches New YouTube Video: ‘How to Fix Ponding Issues’

New Video Part of Roof Repair & Restoration 101 YouTube Series Designed Specifically for Roofing Professionals

Tropical Roofing Products, a national manufacturer of quality products and innovative solutions for the professional roofer, announced today the launch of: How to Fix Ponding Issues - the latest in the series of Roof Repair & Restoration 101 educational YouTube videos produced by Tropical Roofing Products. 

The Roof Repair & Restoration 101 YouTube channel [] offers free videos on popular professional development topics for everyone who works in the professional roofing industry. The series includes practical titles such as:
  • How to repair cracks and holes in a roof
  • How to prepare a roof for restoration
  • How to hookup an emulsion tanker to a spray unit
  • How to hookup a 275 gallon tote to a spray unit
  • How to spray asphalt emulsion
  • How to spray white coatings

“Videos have always been a great way to share tips or information on a specific subject or topic.” Richard Zegelbone, Tropical Roofing Products President said. “And our videos are popular among roofing contractors, so we’re making more of them.” 

Tropical Roofing Products is a well-recognized, nationwide industrial and commercial roofing material manufacturer. Since 1954 they have provided commercial building products that are innovative, yet dependable. Recently they announced the Notice of Approval from Miami-Dade County [NOA] for their Roof Maintenance Coating System.  This means that instead of requiring a contractor to submit individual NOA's for each product used on a job, Tropical Roofing Products' new system approval allows the contractor to submit one NOA for the entire roof maintenance coating system.

In closing, Richard shared, “These Roof Repair & Restoration 101 videos help enhance our expanding online presence, and provide new avenues of communicating, collecting and sharing what contractors want and need.  It’s our job then, to deliver.”

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